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boxes   The easiest way to learn about 1 point and 2 point perspective is to draw simple open boxes above and below the horizon line (eye level).  On the left of the example are open boxes in 1 point perspective – one is above the horizon line and one is below. We will begin with the box on the left (1 point).

First, draw a horizon line and a square above the line and a square below the line.  Above the line you will see the bottom of the box; below the line you will see the top of the box (makes sense).  Now, select a vanishing point on the line.  On the top square, draw lines (orthogonals) from all four corners directly to that vanishing point.

Draw a horizontal line determining the width of the lower panel.  Now you see a 3-dimensional box.  But what if the box is open?  Draw perpendicular lines from the corners of the bottom panel that meet the orthogonals at the top of the box.  Now draw a horizontal line from those points that is parallel to the bottom line.

Erase the lines you don’t need and darken in the rear of the 3-dimensional box that you see.

Try doing the same thing on the bottom box in reverse.  Sometimes you can’t see the inside of the box depending on where your vanish point is and how deep you make your box.

Next time, we’ll draw a box in 2 point perspective.  By the way, it helps to use a t-square and triangle.