I spent two weeks painting these six “word portraits” to take with me to the Delta Arts Festival in Newport last week, and not a one sold!  Guess I thought others would like the words of scripture displayed in their house.  I was inspired by my priest’s chasuble he wears Sundays in ordinary time.  It says “HOLY, HOLY, HOLY” across the front.  At any rate, here are the images — the acrylic paintings are 11 x 14″ and I’ll sell any of them for $25.  The embellishments are symbolic – at least to me!  Might make nice gifts — who knows!  Comment if you like them, please

peace believe hope joy love trust


About pastelanne

I am a professional artist and art teacher, receiving my formal art education at the Kansas City Art Institute and the University of Arkansas. I taught high school art and humanities, earned a doctorate in secondary education, and with my husband, reared eight children! Even after retirement in 1993, I have continued to teach children, teenagers, and adults as well as studying under well known teachers. My media are pen and ink, watermedia, pastel, and colored pencil. Because of all my experiences and guidance from my teachers and mentors, I have a lot of suggestions, tips, and techniques to share with others. This then is the reason for my blog: to pass on some of this knowledge to other artists and to 'wanna be" artists. I intend to post at least three times a week. The first group will be compositional ideas, the second group will be sketchbook ideas, and the third group will be some tips and techniques in particular media. I sincerely hope you will find some good advice in some of these posts!

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  1. Mary Ann,

    I would love to buy the “love” portrait. Truly spoke to me- love the colors and symbols. Please let me know how I can get it- my phone # Is 501-766-8435 Thank you.



  2. These are beautiful!! I would like to buy the Peace one if its still available. unless you change your mind and decide to do something else with them. Christ the King is having
    Rexfest and you can rent a booth to sell your art work. I believe you could get the info you need by calling the church office.

  3. These are beautiful!! I would love to buy the Peace one. unless you decide to do something else with them Christ the King is having Rexfest and you can rent a booth for your art. I believe the church office has information. Gert

  4. C Nelson Kellar Fine Arts

    If you still have Peace and Love, I want them. We did not sell much in Newport. Too bad because they treat the artists so well! Cheryl

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  5. Virginia mills

    Maryann. I really like the bold colors and yet the simplicity of each one

  6. Hi, Mary Anne. I’d like to buy two of these, “Peace” and “Joy,” as a housewarming gift for someone. My phone is 501-339-5519. Thanks, Shirley Bowen

  7. Shirley Bowen

    Hi, Mary Anne. I’d like to buy two of these paintings for a gift. Can you please call me at 501-339-5519? Thanks, Shirley Bowen (they are lovely!)

  8. Hi Mary Ann,

    My co-worker and I are interested in a couple paintings. You can call my co-worker, Shirley, at 501-682-4158. We work at AETN.

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