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Some more work on the boats on the coast of Spain:  I finished the lower boat on the left and started to work on the right foreground boat.  I have started to work on the beach where the boats are moored.  There’s several more hours of work to do before I finish, and I look forward to working on it.  I have used blending, burnishing, and dissolving with turpenoid on the left side of the beach as well as on the overturned boat.

I will be teaching a colored pencil class January and February 2018 at the Maumelle Center on the Lake in Maumelle.  Hope you can join us.





Colored Pencil Demo


As you can see in this photo, I used solvent (mineral spirits) to dissolve the colored pencil on the water and the red boat.  Doing this always makes a colored pencil drawing more painterly.  Then I started to work on the 3 boats leaving the foremost boat to be worked last.  I usually recommend that the artist works from top down, and finishes one section at a time in order to eliminate the problems caused by pencil debris.  (Prismacolor pencils are bad about this because of their softness.)  I use a brush to brush away the residue often.

I don’t like the boat on the upper left, so I’ll probably work some on this later.  I started on the lower left boat to suggest the dirt and rust on the hull, and did a little on the green boat.  This stage took me about 2 1/2 hours.  Next time you see a post, I will have completed the three boats, leaving the foreground and beach area for later.



                                                     COSTA DEL SOL SCENE


I taught a short workshop at Art on the Green in Conway last week to two very good artists on drawing with colored pencil.  They didn’t finish their first drawing, since it takes lots of time to do colored pencil work.  Above is the 9 x 12″ drawing I started as a demo (I didn’t get very far either).  So I thought I would work on this as home and blog the progression.

This is an image of beached boats that I took in Spain several years ago.  I left out one of the boats and corrected the left side of the photo to show the entire boat on the left.  As you can tell, the beach area has only one layer of colored pencil at the moment.  There was a lot of straw or thin strips of wood in the sand, so I used a sharp instrument to scratch in that suggestion before I started. I also scratched in my signature so that it would show up when completed.

The top part of the drawing is the sea with the red boat moored in it.  There are probably four layers of colored pencil in this section already, but it is not complete as yet.  I haven’t figured out as yet how to show the bits of surf.  I will work on this, and write another blog sometime soon.  Keep drawing!