4th Pen and Ink Drawing Lesson

The first item of business when all my students arrive is to place the homework or what was done in the sketchbook during the week on one of the tables so that all can see and comment.  Remember that the homework assignment this time was to draw still life objects as the negative shapes and fill in the background with designs as the positive shapes.  So these are some of the drawings they did:

The fourth lesson was about doing a portrait using an ink wash for the values and pen and ink strokes to complete. The white of the paper was to be saved either by using frisket, or a white marker. Using 8 x 10″ black and white photos, the students used the grid method to reproduce the portraits in their sketchbooks.  Then they mixed 4 different values from light to dark of the ink wash and began mapping in the forms and shadows.  If unable to complete the portrait in class, students were to complete it at home and bring it in the next class period. Because of several absences, not all the students were able to complete this assignment.



About pastelanne

I am a professional artist and art teacher, receiving my formal art education at the Kansas City Art Institute and the University of Arkansas. I taught high school art and humanities, earned a doctorate in secondary education, and with my husband, reared eight children! Even after retirement in 1993, I have continued to teach children, teenagers, and adults as well as studying under well known teachers. My media are pen and ink, watermedia, pastel, and colored pencil. Because of all my experiences and guidance from my teachers and mentors, I have a lot of suggestions, tips, and techniques to share with others. This then is the reason for my blog: to pass on some of this knowledge to other artists and to 'wanna be" artists. I intend to post at least three times a week. The first group will be compositional ideas, the second group will be sketchbook ideas, and the third group will be some tips and techniques in particular media. I sincerely hope you will find some good advice in some of these posts!

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