Basic Drawing Class to Start



I will be teaching a basic drawing class at the Maumelle Center on the Lake beginning September 12 – October 31 from 9:30 to 11:30 am.  Cost is $45. per person plus materials.  Signup at the Center will begin sometime around August 27.  If interested, let me know.  The description and materials list follows:

Basic Drawing Techniques:

For students with little or no drawing experience or training. Students will work from life and from photos to translate 3-D objects to a flat picture plane.  Basic techniques include line drawing, the use of value, positive and negative shapes, measurement and proportion for accuracy, enlargement from photos, and perspective.  Sketchbook assignments are designed to increase students’ skill and understanding.


  1. 9 x 12” spiral sketchbook suitable for pencil, pen and ink, charcoal, watercolor
  2. Medium and small paper stumps for blending
  3. Graphite pencils: 2H, HB, 2B, 4B, 6B
  4. Erasers: kneaded and white plastic
  5. White charcoal or pastel pencil
  6. Compressed charcoal in different grades or charcoal pencils
  7. Drafting or artists’ tape
  8. Drawing board or foamboard big enough to hold 18 x 24” paper with clips
  9. Permanent India Ink Pens –  (Rotring Art Pen, Pentel Techina,  Micron, or Staedtler .03, 06 nibs)
  10. Pencil sharpener or sandpaper block, or X-Acto knife for sharpening
  11. Workable fixative
  12. Paper towels, tissues, soft cloths, or chamois
  13. Ruler and large t-square
  14. 2-3 sheets of 18 x 24” drawing paper
  15. 1-2 sheets of large Canson Mi-Tientes pastel paper in medium greens or blues
  16. Erasing shield
  17. Electric eraser
  18. Dusting brush – optional
  19. Viewfinder/red glass – optional
  20. Black marker – optional




About pastelanne

I am a professional artist and art teacher, receiving my formal art education at the Kansas City Art Institute and the University of Arkansas. I taught high school art and humanities, earned a doctorate in secondary education, and with my husband, reared eight children! Even after retirement in 1993, I have continued to teach children, teenagers, and adults as well as studying under well known teachers. My media are pen and ink, watermedia, pastel, and colored pencil. Because of all my experiences and guidance from my teachers and mentors, I have a lot of suggestions, tips, and techniques to share with others. This then is the reason for my blog: to pass on some of this knowledge to other artists and to 'wanna be" artists. I intend to post at least three times a week. The first group will be compositional ideas, the second group will be sketchbook ideas, and the third group will be some tips and techniques in particular media. I sincerely hope you will find some good advice in some of these posts!

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