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I wanted to share with you the pastel painting I recently did of my cat, Kalila.  I decided on a vertical composition because of the way cats love to sit up high.  It is pastel on board 29 x 16″ – still unframed.  I have entered it in the Pastel Society of the Southwest Show in Texas, but I don’t know if it’s been accepted or not as yet.  I chose the colors to complement the silky black of her fur. I call this painting “Wishful Thinking, ” because Kalila always wants to go outside.  I only let her out for a few minutes at a time.

Kalila is a tuxedo cat that we got from the Animal Shelter — already a grown cat, and it took a little while before she really accepted us.  She’s now eight years old.  Since my husband passed away last year, she’s become my number one buddy!  She sits on her tower and looks out the window when she’s not cat-napping.  Last night,  Kalila was sitting on my lap while I was watching TV.  I had the AETN show on about tigers,  and when Kalila saw that female tiger with her cubs,  she got off my lap and positioned herself directly in front of the TV.  She was enthralled and watched the entire show!  Guess I have a new TV buddy.  Hope she doesn’t think she can control the remote now!


Stafford_Wishful Thinking